乘機規定 - 絕對嚴止攜帶物品
Prohibited Items Onboard

Prohibited Items Onboard (which are not permitted in checked and carry-on baggage.)

Followings items are unacceptable as baggage, you must not include in your baggage, whether as checked baggage or unchecked baggage:

  • Explosive:such as explosives, ammunition, fireworks, gunpowder and cartridges
  • Flammable Gas:such as butane, liquid nitrogen, gas, aqualung cylinders and tear bombs
  • Flammable Liquids:such as paint, lighter fuel, banana oil and adhesive
  • Flammable Solid:such as sulfur, charcoal, phosphorous and any inflammable material
  • Oxidizing Materials:such as bleaching powder and peroxide
  • Poison:such as arsenic, cyanide, insecticides and weed-killers
  • Radioactive:any radioactive material
  • Corrosive:such as mercury (in the thermometer or sphygmomanometer), acids, alkalinity material and wet cell
  • Magnetized Material:magnet and any magnetized material
  • Items the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from, through or to.
  • Guns or their major spare parts (including guns for military, civil and public affairs uses; pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, anti-riot guns, air guns, anesthesia injection guns, gun samples, gun props, steel ball guns, tear gas guns, stun guns, etc.); ammunitions; ordnances, police instruments and their major spare parts (police batons, military or police daggers and bayonets, etc.), implements prohibited by the government (implements with electric shocks and implements that can serve defensive purposes); knives and other items highly controlled by the government (crossbows, daggers, triangular knives, triangular cutters for machining purchases, knives with self-locking devices, single-edged knives shaped like but longer than dagger, double-edged knives, triangular sharp knives, etc.), other similar items or replicas of the above items. But firearms and ammunitions for hunting and sporting purposes can be accepted as checked baggage, subject to the requirements.
  • Lithium batteries and lithium battery mobile power packs (like Charger Pal) which are not clearly and intelligibly marked are prohibited strictly from carriage. Lithium batteries and lithium battery mobile power packs (like Charger Pal) not for personal uses are strictly prohibited from carriage. It is strictly forbidden to use lithium battery power packs (like Charger Pal) during flight.

Items restricted in checked baggage


  • Electronic devices (e.g. laptop computers, cellular phones, cameras, camcorders and so on) or portable medical electronic devices containing lithium metal batteries not exceeding 2 grams or lithium ion batteries not exceeding 100 Wh can be carried both in carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage (must be switched off completely when being carried in checked-in baggage). All spare batteries must be put in carry-on baggage.
  • For electronic devices or portable medical electronic devices containing lithium metal batteries exceeding 2 grams but not exceeding 8 grams or lithium ion batteries exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh, OR if for health reasons or other special reasons mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs) that are powered by lithium batteries must be carried during the travel, passengers must make the request to the airline. With the approval of the airline, passengers can then follow the instructions given by the airline to put the devices in carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage. However, all spare batteries must still be put in carry-on baggage.
  • E-Cigarette:It is not permitted to be used on board. (Please note: E-Cigarette is not permitted to be carried on all Taiwan inbound flights.)


Every passenger can only bring one lighter or one box of matches on board by carry-on but put in the checked baggage. The wind-proof lighter and strike anywhere matches are not permitted in checked and carry-on baggage.
Please be noted:The Lighter and Matches are not permitted in checked and carry-on baggage on all ex-China and ex-Macau flights.

Items restricted in carry-on baggage

When a passenger is found in possession of an article with the quantity has exceeded the allowable limit, or an article that does not constitute a breach of the law and there is not criminal intent on the part of the passenger, then the article may be handled as following options (per local airport regulation): carried in hold baggage, voluntarily surrender, temporarily stored at the airport, or etc. Air Macau will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to such items or confiscation of such items.

1. Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs):

  • The liquids, aerosols and gels by hand carry must be carried in containers not greater than 100 ml, Liquids carried in a container larger than 100 ml are not accepted, even if the container is only partly filled.
  • Containers shall be installed in a size not over 1 liter (approx. 20 x 20 cm) transparent re-sealable plastic bag. The plastic bags must be completely sealed.
  • Each passenger can only bring with a transparent plastic bags. The goods does not comply with the provisions of rules, should be packed in checked baggage.
  • Such plastic bag containing liquid containers should be presented apart from other cabin baggage, coats and jackets or laptops for separate x-ray screening.

LAGs normally include but not limited to:

  • Water, drinks, alcohols, soups, syrups, jams, peanut butter, jelly, stews, dairy products, sauces and pastes;
  • Other foods in sauces or containing a high liquid content such as canned food and pickled food;
  • Creams, lotions, cosmetics, oils perfumes, sprays; d) Gels, including hair gels, shower gels and diaphoresis gels;
  • Liquid hand soaps, shampoos, hair dyes, treatments and conditioners;
  • Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foam and deodorants;
  • Pastes, including toothpaste, oral care products such as mouthwash;
  • Liquid disinfectants such as hand sanitizer;
  • Liquid-solid mixtures, mascara, lip gloss or lip balm; and
  • Any other item of similar consistency at room temperature.

Exemption items

All the necessary item but does not meet the requirement of previous rules should be declared to the inspectors of security check. After approval was received, the goods may hand carry on board.

  • Prescribed and over the counter medicines in LAG form such as cough syrups and contact lens solution or substances that are not medicines but are used for medical purposes are allowed, Chinese medicine in LAG form also included. Verification of the prescription medication may be necessary.
  • Baby formula milk, breast milk, and other baby products like juice, sterilized water and meal in LAG form. All these items are not permitted if passenger travelling without baby.
  • Liquids can be purchased either at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft, on the condition that the liquids are packed in a sealed plastic bag that is both tamper-evident and displays satisfactory proof of purchase at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft, on the day(s) of the journey for departing as well as transfer passengers.

2. Article could affect flight safety:

Followings items are unacceptable as carry-on baggage but checked baggage.

Classification Explanation
Knife Knives with blades of any length or description, and implements with cutting function, such as fruit knife, scissor, kitchen knife, watermelon knife, sashimi knife, machete, sickle, cutter knife, steak knife, folding knife, scalpel, swiss army knife, nail file of any length, ...etc. (plastic safety scissor with blades of less than 5 cm as measured from the fulcrum and butter knife are excluded.)
Sharp-Pointed and Keen Material Implements with puncture function, such as arrow, fishhook with large-scale, nail length over 5cm, boomerang, metallic knitting needle, staple gun, ornamental swords, syringe needle (excluding advance notice and the medical certification have been provided), ...etc.
Rod, Stick and Farm Implements All kind of rod, stick, hoe, hammer, axe, screwdriver, rabble, awl, saw, chisel, ice chisel, metallic chain, metallic ruler thickness over 0.5mm, camera tripod and metallic vernier caliperl can be used as implements for percussion and puncture.

Please Note :
Camera/video recorder tripod, monopod and selfie stick on person is per local airport regulation. It’s advised to be put in checked baggage.

  • Ex-Macau flights: The above articles exceeding 30 cm after retraction are not permitted in carry-on baggage.
  • Ex-Taiwan flights: The above articles with more than 1 cm diameter, scalable, and highly over 60 cm or more after its collapse, are not permitted in carry-on   baggage.
  • Ex-Japan flights: The above articles exceeding 60 cm after retraction are not permitted in carry-on baggage.
  • Firearms Toy guns with a variety of materials and guns, knives, batons, police handcuffed defibrillator (stick), etc. which approved to customize sell by the Gun and Ammunition Regulations and police gear license holders management approach of the competent authority.
    Sport Articles Such as baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, cricket boards, pool cue, skateboards, Eskimo rowing and canoe paddles, hockey clubs, fishing rods, powerful slingshot, nunchakus, ice (nails) shoes and other items may be transformed into offensive weapons.
    Other categories Any goods could affect flight safety by human action.

    To prevent the introduction onto an aircraft of weapons, explosives or articles likely to be utilized to commit an act of unlawful interference or to avoid articles or substances which are capable of posing significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air, the following measures are imposed on departing passengers of Macau International Airport.

    Entry / Transit Hong Kong and Macao Notes

    According to the laws of Hong Kong and Macau, it is strictly prohibited to bring the following illegal goods by hand carry and checked baggage to avoid a breach of local laws.

    • Defibrillator (including of stun gun by imitated shape of cellphone and flashlight)
    • Gas Sprayer (including pepper spray, tear gas)
    • Telescopic batons (including of telescopic stick by imitated shape of flashlight)
    • Brass knuckles (known as the "Iron Lotus" of the knuckle ring)
    • Bullet by imitated shape of souvenir
    • Switchblade (Comb Knife)
    • Flare Bomb